International PhD students

The International Mobility Center (CMI) provides services to foreign students, doctoral candidates and researchers concerned by a mobility in Brest or Rennes

Hosting international PhD students

The doctoral school office can welcome and take care of international doctoral students upon their arrival.



PhD students at the Angers, Brest, Nantes and Rennes sites can benefit from the services of a EURAXESS centre.
Established by the European Commission, the EURAXESS network provides free, personalized assistance to international PhD students and researchers.
Within the regions of Brittany and Pays de la Loire, 4 institutions have been awarded the EURAXESS label:

CMI (International Mobility Centre) Rennes

Rennes-based PhD students attached to a CMI member institution can benefit from the centre's assistance for:

  • Visa procedures
  • Residence permits
  • Social security
  • Seeking housing
  • Opening a bank account
  • Declaring and paying taxes
  • Transport, CAF (family allowances), insurance, etc.
  • Consult the list of member institutions.

CMI (International Mobility Centre) Brest

Brest-based PhD students can be assisted by CMI Brest. The centre offers various services to foreign researchers and PhD students hosted by its member institutions.

  • Consult the list of member institutions.

The Foreign Researchers Centre of Nantes

The Maison des Chercheurs Etrangers de Nantes (Foreign Researchers Centre of Nantes) assists foreign PhD students upon their arrival in France. All international PhD students studying in Nantes can benefit from the centre’s services.

The University of Angers

For an improved hosting of foreign researchers, the Pôle Mobilité Entrante (In-Coming Mobilities Centre) of the University of Angers has as its missions:

  • Helping to welcome international PhD students and facilitating their move to Angers
  • Advising and answering questions asked by international PhD students and the university staff responsible for hosting them
  • Serving as an interface between international PhD students and the university’s laboratories, departments, central services and institutional partners
  • Monitoring and coordinating the administrative dossiers of international doctoral students