Composition of the Board

The board defines the policy of the doctoral school

Composition of the Doctoral School Council

Composition of the ED Council

The doctoral school council has 26 members, including the director who chairs the council.
The distribution of these members is as follows:
- The director of the doctoral school and 13 representatives of the institutions, research units or teams concerned, with 8 representatives for Rennes and 5 for Brest  
- 2 representatives of the engineering, administrative or technical staff (1 for each site)
- 5 doctoral students elected among and by the doctoral students enrolled in the doctoral school (3 seats for Rennes and 2 seats for Brest)
- 5 members from outside the doctoral school chosen among qualified personalities in the scientific fields and socio-economic sectors concerned.
The deputy director of the doctoral school and the director of the Collège Doctoral de Bretagne or his or her representative are permanent guests of the doctoral school council but cannot participate in the voting.