Apply to a thesis offer of the ED SVS

To apply for a thesis in the ED SVS, you must hold a Master 2 or equivalent and submit an application file after having identified a thesis subject.

Submit a thesis subject to the ED SVS

A person who holds the HDR (or who has obtained an exemption from the HDR) must fill out the subject forms (French and English versions) and the supervision form. In particular, he/she must indicate:

1) The thesis direction which includes

a) an HDR person who is the main supervisor and signs all documents for the thesis. This person must be attached to the ED SVS and belong to the same research unit as the PhD student.

b) possibly another person, holder of the HDR, called co-director of the thesis. This person is not necessarily attached to the ED SVS and may belong to another research unit than the doctoral student.

2) The thesis supervision team.

This team includes the thesis director and any other persons also associated with the supervision of the thesis. If the person is not a holder of the HDR, he/she is called a co-supervisor. The internal regulations of the ED SVS stipulate that a supervision team includes a maximum of three people, including the thesis director; at most two holders of the HDR; at most one co-supervisor. The percentage of supervision of a member of the supervisory team cannot be less than 30%.

Apply for a thesis offer

The thesis subjects available in the ED SVS are deposited on the site thesis in Brittany:

To apply for a thesis offer, a candidate must contact the thesis director. Then, the candidate must fill in the application form jointly with the thesis director and provide the required documents:

  •     Completed information form
  •     Signed subject form
  •     Signed supervision form
  •     Curriculum vitae (one page maximum)
  •     Letter of motivation
  •     Attestation of funding or letter from the employer + employment attestation or letter from the head of department + appointment notice
  •     Summary of research experience (summary of the Master 2 internship in most cases, one page maximum)
  •     Attestation of Master's degree or equivalent or transcript of current Master's degree
  •     Letter(s) of recommendation (optional)
  •     Transcript of grades from Master 1 (optional)

The file is to be sent to the ED SVS manager in pdf format.

Analysis of the application by the ED SVS

In order to respond to an application for a thesis, the ED SVS asks the Research Commission of the site to analyze the application file, to interview the candidate, and to send an opinion to the management of the ED SVS.

Any incomplete file will not be analyzed by the Research Commission.